Financial Assistance

ACT assists families and individuals with obtaining and maintaining housing through the Housing Assistance Fund and the Emergency Housing Fund; and meeting emergency expenses through the Client Assistance Fund.

Care Services

ACT provides medical case management, post-incarceration transitional case management, housing support, medication adherence, medical nutrition therapy, and psychosocial support services for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Hartford area.

Wellness Center

Connections is an HIV drop-in center that offers services including medical case management, support groups, meals, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, acupuncture, research studies and social activities.

Syringe Services

A harm-reduction service that encourages injection drug users to dispose of used hypodermic needles in a safe manner. This reduces the transmission of blood borne pathogens and the number of needles discarded in the community.

Distribution Center

Funded by DPH, the center disseminates health educational materials, male and female condoms, dental dams and lube at no cost to individuals, schools, businesses, and community organizations in Connecticut.


ACT provides HIV counseling & testing; other sexually transmitted infection (STI/STD) testing; CLEAR: Choosing Life, Empowerment Action & Results; outreach; linkage to care; Female Condom Project; and much more.


The AIDS LIFE (Legislative Initiative and Funding Effort) Campaign is Connecticut's only statewide group that focuses solely on all of the policy-related issues impacting people living with and at high risk for HIV/AIDS.

Training Institute

ACT's Case Management Training Institute (CMTI) is a comprehensive training program designed for those with case management responsibilities in AIDS services, AIDS housing, domestic violence, shelters and transitional living programs.


ACT provides technical assistance for members in conjunction with our annual Quality Assurance Review Process (QARP). QARP ensures individual program compliance and best practices among AIDS services providers in CT.

Data Integration

The DIG project is a collaboration working to integrate two data collection software systems in order to increase the capacity of the City of Hartford to use data to better track and improve health outcomes for persons living with HIV.